HVAC System Financing

We have partnered with the RedBrick team to help provide our customers with more financing options! This company has helped thousands of homeowners make smarter choices when it comes to investing in a new HVAC system.

HVAC Systems based on need, not budgets!

Buy your next system based on the right features, highest quality equipment and most energy efficient solution. RedBrick helps homeowners make purchases based on need, not budget.

High quality systems using monthly payments

Typically, HVAC systems are surprise purchases, which makes budgeting for them extra challenging. RedBrick payment solutions provide you with low monthly payments that you can manage within the restrictions of your regular cash flow. By not depleting cash reserves, you are better prepared for real emergencies.

Competitive Interest rates, more options

Homeowners have several options when making large purchases: depleting cash reserves, borrowing from the bank or using their credit card, which typically comes with an unmanageable 19%-29% interest. RedBrick’s home improvement payment solutions enable you to take advantage of a competitive interest rate and get the best solution for your needs.