mr wilson air hvac knife

San Antonio summers are the time when many AC systems are stressed to their limits. As systems age, small repairs that were overlooked turn into major issues. Major AC systems tend to turn into cascading problems with operation and/or efficiency. With regular season service, at least twice a year, we are able to provide you with timelines of major component failures and repair small issues before they grow into serious AC system problems.

Summertime is also stressful on dads as they save up for family vacations, summer camps, and BBQs. As a family owned and operated AC company we know first hand the stress you’re under. We are also very appreciative of your loyalty and business with us! This year Mr. Wilson Heating and Air would like to offer a small gift from our family to yours. From now until Father’s Day on June 21st, 2015 and while supplies last, we are going to give away one pocket knife to current and new customers who schedule AC service with us.

Call us today to schedule your seasonal AC service!