Supporting Our Neighbors

San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Our city is diverse in culture, industry and ethnicity. There is one constant theme that transcends all the change and all the differences in our big city, small town feel; trust. Yes Tim and I love trying new restaurants, and trying out new small businesses. However just like many of our neighbors we usually spend on big ticket items from those we’ve done business with before and trust!

Many of our customers have been with Tim and I since we started over 15 years ago. Most of our customers could find the humor in that while replacing your old heating and air conditioning system for you, down the street we could easily count a handful of different HVAC companies either repairing or replacing your neighbors’ systems. It’s a very competitive and saturated industry for us HVAC folks. The trust from our customers and referrals they send us help a good company like Mr Wilson Heating and Air Conditioning compete with the fly-by-nighters, the sub-par contractors and the churn and burn companies.

Our techs are trusted, they are trained and they are true to our core values as a company. Tim and I are proud to have such a great workforce ensuring your systems are services, safe and replaced when needed. We are very thankful to our loyal customers and growing support for our company in San Antonio! With a workforce we and you trust and steady business, it affords us the opportunity to support local organizations.

mr wilson heating and air tim and pattyLast year we had the great pleasure of working with our marketing consultant who is the Vice President of the Vance Jackson Neighborhood, Inc., a voluntary neighborhood association. We sponsored their First Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Neighborhood Potluck. Matt McCrossen, the VP and our consultant went above and beyond by providing more publicity than we thought. During the night Tim, Roland and I enjoyed a great time of food, fun and new friends. The turn out was amazing. Over 150 people attended the potluck. This was an amazing opportunity for our family owned HVAC business. For a small sponsorship fee and our time we were able to support a great community organization, and showcase how Mr. Wilson Air focuses on safety and service over profits.

We are already planning a handful of similar sponsorship for 2016. In the age of digital marketing it’s important to remember that our customers who trust us find us in many different ways. We are thankful for having so many valued customers, a trustworthy team, and opportunities to support our local community organizations!