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Mr. Wilson Air Conditioning & Heating Service Plan

We offer 3 plans to meet your needs and budget.




All our plans include:

  • Maintaining your system twice a year = peace of mind
  • Our friendly staff will remind you = no hassle to remember
  • Free dispatch fee on most plans
  • Earn Loyalty Replacement Rewards
  • Get a 15% advantage on repairs
  • Save up to 30% off accessories
  • Stand behind our “repair guarantee” ((excludes freon)

Service Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Almost all of our customers have HVAC systems that operate year-round. Based on our 20 plus years of experience, twice a year maintenance helps avoid costly repairs since we are more likely to catch issues at the start instead of when they begin spreading throughout the system causing more damage to your HVAC unit.

Some issues such as loud mechanical noises, odors, no cooling or heating, and the system not turning on are very obvious. There are just as many if not more issues that are not easily identified unless you have the certifications, training, licensing and equipment as our team has. Small Freon leaks add up to lost efficiency over time costing you money. Other safety and technical issues are cracks, obstructions, and electrical issues.